Musical Monday - Double Time!

Monday, December 8, 2008

For this week's Musical Monday, I bring you two really great bands. The first is by British indie group, The Orange Lights. This smart little song is called, "Click Your Heels." Most of their music is based on the personal experiences of band memebers Jason Hart and Paul Tucker.

If you like listening to The Verve, Keane, Travis and Embrace. You'll surely to love their music! I present to you:

Click Your Heels by The Orange Lights

Click to listen!

This next band is one I came across in a very strange way. Whilst at a friends home, watching them play Madden NFL 08, a song by this Brooklyn, NYC indie band, Jupiter One, came on. The song was "Countdown" from their self-titled album.

The composition of their songs are rather compelling. Mixing new wave vintage synth with heavy drums and classical violins proves to be an interesting combination. You might have heard their music on various EA games and, more recently, on Season 3 of NBC's Heroes.

Countdown by Jupiter One:

Click to listen!

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