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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's time for Teaser Tuesday! As usual, we are to open to a random page in our current read and provide a two sentence quote from lines 7-12. This week I am reading two books simultaneously, so here you go:

From Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman:

"Galaad stood up again and turned to Mrs. Whitaker. "Gracious lady, keeper of the Holy of Holies, let me now depart this place with the Blessed Chalice, that my journeyings may be ended and my geas fulfilled."
Smoke and Mirrors is a series of short stories. This excerpt is from "Chivalry," where Galaad has come to retrieve the Holy Grail from an old lady who has bought the cup from an antique shop.

From The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy:
"Such love as we got hovered beneath the sign of Mars, a frayed refugee of some debased and ruined zodiac. But my grandmother brought back from her journeys a revolutionary doctrine: Love has no weapons; it has no fists."
This book is a bit slow moving at the moment since I'm trying to catch up on books I'll be reviewing for this site. However, the language in The Prince of Tides has me 100% mesmerized. It's so flowing and lyrical, it's like listening to a piece by Rachmaninov. Conroy takes you on a roller coaster ride through his complete control of the language. Each sentence coursing into the next. By the end of the page you find you have recklessly abandoned your own present time and place and adopted that of Tom Wingo's.

  1. Wendi Said,

    What a neat teaser! The book sounds very interesting - thanks for sharing :)

    Here's my first teaser post:

    ~ Wendi

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